Statement on Income Stabilization

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you are aware, the most recent President's update by Dr. Sohail Gandhi outlined some of the progress on pandemic-related negotiations.

There has been a significant amount of concern among physicians - including many of my physiatrist constituents - who are actively facing economic uncertainty as a result of lockdown measures.

In response to the Dr. Gandhi's update, I initiated a petition that garnered over 500 signatures and led to the urgent virtual town hall to be held on Wednesday April 15th. There is also a Chairs meeting on Tuesday April 14th.

Urgent OMA Townhall - Income Stabilization

I look forward to learning more about the board and ntf's decision making process and rationale.

As I have said before, our organization should be one that truly has our backs. We need it to advocate on behalf of all physicians, most especially during times of crisis like now.

I encourage you all to participate in the townhall and to make sure physicians are provided both safety and the means to continue providing excellent care to our patients across the province.

Statement on COVID19

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to salute you on your tireless commitment, dedication and personal sacrifice during the COVID19 pandemic response. I stand alongside you on the frontlines.

The COVID19 pandemic is the most acute challenge facing the OMA and its members. One of the most serious aspects of this crisis is the fact that our members are actively rationing and facing shortages of personal protective equipment. This unconscionable situation has threatened the very lives of our members, and also risks the health of their families.

Exacerbating an already incredibly challenging set of circumstances is the indefinite cancellation of “non-essential” care, clinics and procedures, which has created significant economic uncertainty for physicians across the province.

This unprecedented situation requires the OMA to stand strong for doctors by engaging and working with all other stakeholders. This includes holding governments and administrators accountable for the PPE shortages by forcing real time transparency on PPE data and numbers, liberation of provincial and federal stockpiles and their immediate deployment to clinics and hospitals in need.

Finally, the OMA needs to empower its negotiations taskforce to quickly develop a framework for income stabilization for members during this time, while ensuring frontline members who are at most risk during COVID are supported, financially and otherwise.

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Campaign Launch

Dear Colleagues,

I am running for President-elect of the OMA because I believe we need leadership that will stand strong for doctors. Simply put, our organization exists to serve its members. This means working tirelessly to ensure that members are at the core of our work.

This hasn’t always been the case, which is why I got involved in the OMA 6 years ago. Over the past several years, we have seen how strong and committed leadership can help to transform the culture of our organization. While a lot of progress has been made, our work isn’t finished yet.

As Chair of the Section of Physiatry while also sitting on the Member Relations, Advocacy and Communications committee, I have consistently advocated for physicians in the media and with government. If elected your President, I commit to working my hardest every single day for you and your interests. My goal is to ensure that we continue transforming our organization into one that truly has our backs.

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